“Jackpot” Treat

Jackson Galaxy coined the phrase, but Victoria Stillwell always taught the principle in her force-free training on “It’s Me or the Dog”.

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A “jackpot” treat is a food, toy or any other reward your Griffy will find irresistible.   Something they will drop anything to get.  It should not be available to them at all times but saved for special circumstances.  It can be a perfect distraction!

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Rescue Policy

All rescues should have all their legal paperwork in order, registered with the state they operate in, tax exempt, a 501c3 so they are tax deductible and listed with the IRS, Guidestar and any other charitable listings.

A rescue needs a    policies, for adoption and legally binding contracts.  I have learned from experience they should not be “one size fits all”  There should be enough flexibility to accommodation unusual circumstances  or weigh circumstances for suitability on an individual basis.

 Every rescue has it’s supporters, people who will defend any policies or decisions.    They also have those who do not agree with their policies.  That can cause feelings of discrimination and even hatred.

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Saving Puppy Mill Griffys


I decided to use my past experience with rescue to team up with someone experienced with rescuing Brussels Griffons from puppy mills by buying discarded breeders from auction.  

It has become a touchy subject with past supporters.  Many feel it is wrong to give money to a puppy mill breeder even though it saves one dog (and any puppies she may have in the next few years) from a life of misery.

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Welcome to our blog!


The website has come along enough to where we can start a blog and add other cool things. No, it’s not done, it probably will never be done, there’s always something new and fun to add! Ok, I say “we” a bit loosely, mom does the typing and takes the pictures.    I just cant figure out how to hold the camera with my paws and then focus it.  If I turn it to snap picture with my nose or tongue I will take a picture of my chest or the floor!  My job is to be cute, suggest cool topics and be a willing subject for mom’s demonstrations

The blog will include Griffy Gab (which may be me being cute or silly), grooming topics, FYI information on health and other issues and discussions about rescues (based on mom’s 4 years of running a rescue).  You can comment on the articles but must sign up to avoid spammers.  New articles will appear weekly until traffic picks up, the more readers the more articles!  Suggestions for topics is appreciated!

It's a Griffy thing!