The Exchange

Brussels Griffons are excellent apartment dogs BUT they are active, inquisitive, sometimes naughty terror-uh-terrier types.   Without exercise and mental stimulation they become bored.  They will then find something interesting to do. Almost guaranteed it WON’T be something you will be pleased with!


How often has this happened to you?  Your Griff appears with a forbidden morsel from the trash, the backyard or the laundry basket.  You try to approach cautiously, coaxing with soft, sweet words and at the last second the little imp makes a beeline under the table or something inaccessible to you clutching the treasure.

You chase, try to grab, your voice getting louder and less sweet with frustration. Some will admit to trying to force pup out from hiding place with a broom.  Griffs do not react well with force or punishment of any kind.

The least stressful way to handle this is to use “The Exchange”.  Without saying a word go get something your dog considers a “jack-pot” toy or treat, something better than what he/she has.  Show it to the dog, let him sniff then walk away.  If all goes well dog should drop stolen booty and follow you.  Give him the jackpot.  While he’s busy go pick up what he dropped.  Don’t scold-he has already forgotten what he did.  He won’t see it as a reward either.  Just he now has something better!