Transparency in Rescues

Transparency in a rescue means the books are available to anyone who questions what we spend donated money on.  When I founded and ran Friends Animal Rescue we did everything by the book according to the laws of South Carolina.  We kept our tax number posted clearly on our website and our Facebook page.  A copy of our 501(c)3, state tax exemption, tax information and past filings could be found on the download page or our credentials on the website.  A copy of our  ledger was available upon request at any time.

To us, transparency meant much more than that.  We were a group of volunteers with the pet’s best interest at heart as well as the family who adopted.  It was our goal to match happy, healthy animals with loving families.   We liked to follow up and updates were always appreciated!

We are human.  We made mistakes.  Sometimes things go terribly wrong.  We feel transparency means we din’t try to hide these mistakes but took responsibility for any part we may have had in a bad situation.

People will always pass judgement and gossip.  Damage was done each time before the gossip died out.  No one is perfect.   I only hope their own backyard was spotless before they cast stones.