Training your Brussels Griffon (from Remy’s pov)

  Remy here, to talk about training!

I’m a very agreeable boy who loves to please and to learn new things, but there’s a few things I’d like to talk about.  Learning should be fun.  No self respecting Griff wants to do repetitious military style drills, way boring!


If I catch on and preform the trick correctly praise me and move on. You can always ask me to do it again in a bit.  Nothing ruins a fun session quicker than being required to show you I learned it, over and over and over again. unless it’s you getting frustrated and hollering at me to pay attention.  Seriously.

Another thing, we’re practicing my whole repertoire of commands. please don’t rattle all of them off in the exact order every time.  I’ll anticipate, try to beat the command and eventually just learn the sequence.  Kiss Remy paying attention goodbye!

Mix things up, keep me on my toes!  Now I have to pay attention, I never know what will be next!

Structure my sessions this way and I will always look forward to them, I’ll never be bored and I will learn so much more!

Remy out!