It is not a sin to shorten coat

I promise you, from my 20+ years as a pet groomer, if you skim your griffy with a snap-on, scissor the length or even shave with a short blade (shorter than a #5) you will not destroy your pet’s coat forever!  Each hair will still grow to it’s predetermined length,detach and fall out on schedule.   

Canine skin and hair

Yes, the hair will change color and be soft if you have them shaved shorter than a #5.  You have removed all the wirey top hair.  The new hair does not know the old hair was ever cut, so if you card and pluck at least once a week it is like starting over.  In my grooming days I started many shaved dogs on hand stripping.  It took 2-3 complete shed outs to totally replace every hair, but they looked perfect when I was done.

A complete strip should take a groomer around 6 hrs labor.  Of course, you wouldn’t put you or a dog through that long a session all at once.  Breaking it down into shorter sessions over a period of a week or so works better.  A dog who is stripped regularly will take less time with more frequent sessions.


Remy has always had an unbelievably dense undercoat and very long furnishings.  I am retired, disabled and suffer from fatigue.  It’s hard for me to card and strip for long periods at a time.  That suits Remy fine, less time he has to tolerate tugging on his thick coat.  After 2 years of feeling like I was getting nowhere I decided to have him clipped with a #5 blade


Wow!  He still had color, he looked sleek, and carding was a breeze for him and me!  Now he comes running when I pick up the rake, I get a pile of dead undercoat like that every other day.


Remy is a little over 2 inches now.  It’s wire, the undercoat is under control and I’m now concentrating on his head.  Less stress on both of us and he loves the attention!