Remy’s Home made Pork Skin Treats

 Recently I bought a chunk of slab bacon.  It was wrapped in a piece of pork skin.  I cut a couple strips to hang in the tree for the birds when I got an idea.

It’s so hard to find safe chews these days.  Remy LOVES chews so I decided to try an experiment.

 First I laid the skin on the counter, skin side down.  Next I scraped as much fat as possible off using a metal spatula.  I then placed it, fat side down, in a medium heated frying pan to render as much fat that was left as I could.   After about 10 minutes I took it out and rolled it up around layers of paper towels to absorb any remaining fat  This will need to be done numerous times until there is no oil left on paper towels.  You may need to scrape again if you are still getting stains.

The next step is to decide how big a chew you want.  Remy is a little boy but I don’t want to cut the piece so small he will swallow it.  Neither do I want it so big he will chew and leave a sodden mess.  You decide what is best for your own dog.

Lay skin fat side down in oven.  I used a few more layers of paper towels to absorb any fat left.  I set the oven to 200° and left it in overnight.

The nest morning I had dried strips of skin that left no stains.  I let them cool.  Remy gave me a big paws up when I gave him one.

I kept the leftovers in the refrigerator to prevent any chance of them getting rancid.  They didn’t last long!