Remy’s Story


Farfel was getting older, his health wasn’t the best, I decided to start looking for another Brussels Griffon to add to my family.  It wasn’t meant to be a replacement but a successor. My hope was that if I had them together for at least a while the new one would pick up some of Farfel’s manners and part of him would live on.  I knew it was going to take time to find one even though I was operating a successful rescue myself.

I do not qualify to adopt from the biggest BG rescues because I do not have a fenced yard ( even though I would NEVER let my griffy out of my sight!) and I am unable to travel to meet and pick up my new baby. The majority of available griffs are out west, mostly on the coast.   I chased numerous referrals through the BG group here on Facebook and lost every time because a local got there first.

A friend in the group gave me Barb’s number (a breeder in Kentucky). She had a few returns. Since she always kept and neutered returns I hoped she might want to place one with me. Unfortunately 1 had more health problems than I could handle and the other 2 had issues which made them unsuitable for me. She sent me pictures Of Kristopher (now Remy) I was in love but I told her I couldn’t afford him and would prefer to rescue. We remained good friends as 6 more possibilities slipped through my fingers.

We talked often, Barb felt Kristopher (Remy) was a perfect march for me.  She told me he was the snuggliest of the litter, loved toys and had the most agreeable personality she had ever seen in all her years of breeding.  I couldn’t take anymore, I was in love!  I sent her an email asking if we could work something out. Two weeks went by with no answer, I was crushed.

Suddenly, out of the blue,  she sent me an email offering to send Remy to me for a token amount. I’m not sure but I think her health was failing and she knew how much I loved the Griffs. Remy came to me via a friend’s daughter who lived  near her in Tennessee, She was coming to visit her mom in SC for Thanksgiving so it worked out almost perfectly. Remy fit like a glove from the moment he got here.

I sent Barb pictures often, then emails stopped. There has been no contact for over a year. Remy is a very happy little boy, I wouldn’t part with him for the world!

It's a Griffy thing!