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About the AKC


The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC® and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.

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Dog Parks-Are they safe?

My thoughts on Dog Parks was “Confined area to run and play, socialize with other dog lovers, my dogs could make friends and burn off excess energy, what could be better?”

My view has changed in the past year.  Almost daily I see on the news or social media how dogs are hurt or killed, especially small dogs like chihuahuas or other small breeds or mixes.  I personally own an 9.52 lb Brussels Griffons (a cocky, in your face pooch that can try the patience of saints, never mind a large, dominant dog!)  He is a boisterous, bouncy 2 years old and still a teen-ager in behavior.  

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Facts about the color BELGE

from:   the official AKC Brussels Griffon Standard

Belge: black and reddish brown mixed, usually with black mask and whiskers;

AMPLIFICATION: The name Belge comes from the native standard. This color is rarely seen to perfection. It consists of a two-colored hair shaft (banded, or mixed with rich red and black). The result is a smoky or smutty overall appearance. The Belge is often enhanced by a black mask and ears. Since the Belge can carry recessive genes for black and tans, they may have tan points.

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Giving a Brussels Griffon a pill

I’ve been working with dogs for over 40 years, owning, medicating and grooming.  Even when I downsized and got my first toy dog (chihuahua) I never had a problem giving a pill.

Squeeze between the gaps of their teeth(on the side), place 1 or 2 fingers on the tongue and press gently.  Voila!  Mouth pops open by reflex.  Put the pill as far back on tongue as possible.  Hold mouth closed, stroke throat until you think they have swallowed.   If the dog licks his lips with his tongue, you can be confident that your dog took the pill.  For the more stubborn who seem to hold pill in throat indefinitely, a small puff of air in face caused a reflexive gasp and down went pill!

And then I got my first Brussels Griffon!

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