Are we over-vaccinating our dogs?

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Could yearly vaccines not only be unnecessary, but actually harmful to your pet’s health?




There are too many dogs suffering from vaccine-induced diseases.  Here is the list of adverse events known to be induced by vaccines (Schultz, 2007):


Common Reactions
:.    Lethargy
.    Hair loss, hair color change at injection site
.    Fever
.    Soreness, stiffness
.    Refusal to eat
.    Conjunctivitis
.    Sneezing
.    Oral ulcersModerate Reactions .    Immunosuppression
.    Behavioural changes
.    Vitiligo (skin reactions)
.    Weight loss (Cachexia)
.    Reduced milk production
.    Lameness
.    Granulomas/abscesses
.    Hives
.    Facial edema (swelling)
.    Atopy (hereditary allergies)
.    Respiratory disease
.    Allergic uveitis (Blue Eye)
 Severe Reactions triggered by Vaccines: 

.    Vaccine injection site sarcomas
.    Anaphylaxis (rapidly progressing life-threatening allergic reaction)
.    Arthritis, polyarthritis
.    HOD hypertrophy osteodystrophy
.    Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
.    Immune mediated thrombocytopenia (IMTP)
.    Hemolytic disease of the newborn (Neonatal Isoerythrolysis)
.    Thyroiditis
.    Glomerulonephritis
.    Disease or enhanced disease which the vaccine was designed 
     to prevent
.    Myocarditis
.    Post vaccinal encephalitis or polyneuritis
.    Seizures
.    Abortion, congential anomalies, embryonic/fetal death, 
     failure to conceive

Over-vaccination can cause autoimmune diseases, cancer, cataracts, allergies, asthma, atopy, arthritis, anaphylaxis, diabetes, eczema and many lifelong, incurable conditions – as well as death.

Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines
Minimum Duration of Immunity
Methods Used to Determine Immunity
Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)    
Rockbom Strain 7 yrs / 15 yrs challenge / serology
Onderstepoort Strain 5 yrs / 9 yrs challenge / serology
Canine Adenovirus-2 (CAV-2) 7 yrs / 9 yrs challenge-CAV-1 / serology
Canine Parvovirus-2 (CAV-2) 7 yrs challenge / serology

Annual vaccinations and boosters are BIG BUSINESS for vets.  Make sure you understand all the risks and that you and your vet are on the same page!


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