How can I eliminate “beard stink”?

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“Beard stink”   is normally due to the unusually large eyes of  your Brussels Griffon watering, building up in the warm furry spot between the nose and the cheek, and getting little bits of food stuff in there. 

Some people use Angel Eyes for tears and tear staining,  Others may use  Eye Envy. This is a topical powder.  It helps maintain a dry area. There is an antibiotic component, but since it is topical and not ingested.

This is an industrial level mess and you need to apply a magic mix directly to the beard. A BGs eyes could be damaged in the direct application of the mix, therefore use this method to apply.  It is difficult but necessary for safety.

,Things you will need:

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide 3%
  2. Baking soda
  3. Syringe (no, not one with a needle)
  4. A soft bristle tooth brush

Use a simple syringe to direct the mix into the crevice down and away from his eye. Then used a soft bristle tooth brush to carefully rake the mixture down the beard. If your dog squirms, this process might not be for you. The peroxide on the tooth brush could find its way to the eye if the pup jerks his/her head too suddenly. Use a finger on your free hand to keep the eye lid closed.Once you have applied the mix, let it sit for about two minutes or so. Then carefully rinse out the beard with cool water.. Thoroughly rinse out the beard and use a white or light colored towel to dry (or hair dryer). The hydro peroxide can stain colored towels.


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