Isn’t it encouraging puppy mills to buy discarded breeders from auction?

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It has become a touchy subject with past supporters.  Many feel it is wrong to give money to a puppy mill breeder even though it saves one dog (and any puppies she may have in the next few years) from a life of misery.

Unfortunately, the almighty buck rules.  Little is free.  Shall we stand on principal?  Close our eyes while some other puppy mill owner jumps at the chance to buy a proven breeder?  Or should we spend the money to give 1 or more of these precious souls a chance to be loved and cared for?

Think of it this way;  each dog rescued, every dollar spent deprives another unscrupulous breeder of thousands of dollars.

Other rescues who specialize in puppy mill dogs:

Does anyone have a better way?

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