Should a small dog get a smaller vaccine?

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Every time your pet is given medication your vet weighs them and carefully calculates the dose to avoid overdosing them.  Yet a 160 pound Mastiff and a 10 pound Chihuahua both get the same amount of vaccine? Unlike every other veterinary drug, 1 ml of vaccine is given to every dog, regardless of his size.  Why?

…because everyone knows that the drug companies perform extensive tests on Great Danes and Chihuahuas and everything in between so that it’s crystal clear who needs what and why. Right?

Well … not exactly…



If you have a small guy, ask your vet to give a smaller dose of the vaccine.  it’s a very good idea to run a titer test two to three weeks after the vaccination to make sure they are protected.   Rabies-the law requires them to give a full dose of the rabies vaccine. Make sure you give the vaccine no more often than necessary.

“I can just give my little dog a half vaccine, right?”

No.  Vaccines are used to stimulate the animal’s immune system, which is not something measured by weight..The vaccine manufacturer will not ‘guarantee’ the protection level of a vaccine that has not been administered according to established guidelines.



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