What isthe best way to give my Brussels Griffon a pill?

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I’ve been working with dogs for over 40 years, owning, medicating and grooming.  Even when I downsized and got my first toy dog (chihuahua) I never had a problem giving a pill.

Squeeze between the gaps of their teeth(on the side), place 1 or 2 fingers on the tongue and press gently.  Voila!  Mouth pops open by reflex.  Put the pill as far back on tongue as possible.  Hold mouth closed, stroke throat until you think they have swallowed.   If the dog licks his lips with his tongue, you can be confident that your dog took the pill.  For the more stubborn who seem to hold pill in throat indefinitely, a small puff of air in face caused a reflexive gasp and down went pill!

And then I got my first Brussels Griffon!

   Farfel was my 1st BG     
Remy is my 2nd BG

You can grab the beard or whiskers but there is no way to open that mouth when they clamp their little jaws!  This video covers hiding pills in treats, pill pockets, crushing pills into powder and adding crushed pills to liquid to administer by syringe.  When using food do not mix in bowl, clever griffs will eat all around the pill.  Use a treat with a strong smell (liverwurst, dog food, even cat food) a jackpot treat.  Keep pieces small, even if you have to cut pill, so that they gulp it all down.  I found, by experimentation, that Remy’s jackpot treat is a little gob of butter.  He will gobble the largest capsule if it’s in butter!


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