Why are blue BG’s undesireable?

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Dilution is a separate gene from color and needs to be viewed as a gene that dilutes any color that it is applied to. As a result, one should not look at chocolate or blue as “colors,” but as a gene removed from all others that rides along the color wave. The dilution factors could come into view in any color breeding scenario if both parents carry the recessive dilution gene.
No known health anomalies present with dilution in chocolates, dilute belge, liver, or chocolate and tan. These dilutes will express their dilution in their nose pads, eye rims, and foot pads which will be liver, reddish brown or flesh colored.
In regard to health issues, the blue, blue and tan and blue belge expressions of the dilution gene are entirely different matters. The blue expressions often carry a marker for alopecia or hair loss, occasional deafness or complete skin degeneration and blindness in extreme cases.  Should a blue occur within a litter that the breeding should not be repeated  within the breeding program to avoid future problems.

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