Why does my Brussels Griffon “kill” and demolish his squeak toys?

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It is generally accepted that small rough coated dogs existed in Europe in the middle ages and these little dogs which were generally kept as ratters and stable dogs, This is  the stock from which the Brussels Griffons developed .

They were feisty little terrier types with a high prey drive.  Many modern day griffs still retain many or all of these traits.  To many the squeak from a toy resembles the cry from a mouse or other small prey.  Hunt on!

When dogs hunt in the wild, they follow a predatory sequence that includes the following steps: searching, stalking, chasing, catching, biting, killing and eating.  When  your dog gets hold of a squeaky toy, he may vigorously shake his head to “kill” his prey. In the wild, this action would break the spine of a small animal. Your dog may then “dissect” his conquered squeaky toy by breaking it apart.

Once the toy is eviscerated and silenced (squeaker out) most dogs lose interest.  If you have a high drive hunter it is important to not leave them unsupervised.  Many a dog has had to make an emergency visit to the vet’s for removal of swallowed squeaker or stuffing!

I am very fortunate with Remy.  He loves his squeaky toys.  His M.O. is to lay on his back biting the toy repeatedly, squeak, squeak, squeak!  He has never torn a toy or removed a squeaker.  He still has every toy, intact, since the day he arrived here.



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