Why doesn’t my dog respond well to commands?

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I’ve based this on my own 35+ years of working with and training dogs, and years of Following Victoria Stillwell’s “It’s Me or the Dog”!

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Situation One:   Dog escapes you and is running free.  You panic and chase screaming “COME! come here, come NOW,  come here or I will paddle you” etc.

Dog’s POV:  this is great! mom is chasing me “barking” her head off!  What fun! UH-oh, she sounds really mad.  I don’t think I want to go to her right now!

Possible Solution:  Run AWAY from dog, making loud sounds.  Dog will most likely realize game is over, you found something more interesting and will come to investigate.  Note-do not scold or discipline dog then.  He will not understand it is because he ran away, that is in the past.  He will think it is because he came to you!

Situation Two:  “Sit, sweetie”, dog looks at you.  “Sit!” a bit louder and firmer.  Dog stands there, looking at you intently, wagging tail.  ” “SIT!!” Dog sits.

Dog’s POV:  First command-Are you talking to me? Second time-I don’t think you are serious yet. Third time-yep, you’re serious!  Congratulations!  You’ve taught your dog not to obey until the third repetition!

Possible Solution:   If dog doesn’t sit on first command silently turn your back on him and count to 10.    When you turn to face your dog he should be confused but focused on you.  You changed the rules!  Repeat command.  If he don’t respond repeat steps until he responds the first time.

Situation Three: You taught your dog to lay down.  He’s a little slow because many times you just say down.  In the meantime every time he tries to jump up you sternly say “down’ and push him away.

Dog’s POV: Lay down? Down? Which is it? Down? Don’t jump up? Now I’m really confused.  I don’t know which to do so I do nothing!

Possible Solution:  Be consistent!  Use lay down or down every time. Try substituting “off” or another word that sounds different to mean don’t jump.  Use the same word each time and you will see a difference. 

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