I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!  After eight years of searching I was finally getting my little red rough coated boy and his name would be Farfel!

Mary came with the pup.  She brought his papers and a loose leaf with pictures.  No toys no food or supplies he was used too.  I put him up on the grooming table to get acquainted see what I would need to do to get him spruced up.  I gave her the check and really wished she would leave.  No such luck!  She launched into a long, detailed discussion on exactly how he should be groomed.  What?  I’m a groomer, and why doesn’t he look like you say he should?

Next she proceeded to tell me his name was Verdell and I was not permitted to change his name-EVER.  My response; I was buying him, he was my dog now and I would do whatever I liked with him, otherwise give check back and take him home!  She left in a huff!

Farfel got along great with everyone, especially my chihuahua, Peso, who was exactly 1 week older


He loved being groomed and would often try to push a client off the table so he could get the attention.  To the end of his days he was never 100% house trained and he was never a typical velcro griffy, probably because of his months alone in the yard.

When I looked closely at his papers I found Mary had never registered him but had signed the forms.  Since she was not answering my calls I decided to call the breeder.

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