The breeder was very sympathetic but said she could not re-issue papers.  I would have to work that out with Mary.  Since he didn’t seem to be either show or breeding quality I would probably have him neutered anyway.  The papers weren’t that important.  She did send me some pictures of his family.

Mazzy Don Juan Zoe & Zyggi

It was time to visit the vet for a physical before deciding and setting up neutering.  The vet tried to open his mouth to examine his teeth.  Farfel sat on the table clamping his jaws firmly like a spoiled child in the dentist chair.  The rest of the physical did not go better.  Farfel had entropion (eyelashes turned inside) in both eyes.  Easy, but expensive!

He also had a heart murmur rated between 2-3.  I was told it may repair itself as he aged, maybe not.  Throughout his life I had him tested frequently, it got better but never entirely.  He had no real problems until his last year when it worsened enough to begin congestive heart failure.

I contacted the breeder.  I thought she might give me more information or at least appreciate knowing of problems that might appear in future breedings.  I was wrong.  She hung up on me and we never spoke again.

Time went on.  In spite of all the work I did stripping Farfel’s coat he lost his black beard.  His adult coat was soft and blonde.  I kept him in a pet clip, brushed and scissored, so he was happy.

I had a very successful website for my grooming shop.  All my pets, including Farfel had a page.  One day I got an email and pictures from the person who had adopted Zoe & Zyggi (Farfel’s sister and brother).  They lived in Florida.  We corresponded a few times, then lost contact.


I heard from Mary one more time.  Farfel was 2 or 3.  She called, very indignant, asking why I had not contacted her to give her the puppy I had promised.  ???  I set her straight under no uncertain terms.  I said from the beginning he was not breeding material, I didn’t breed and he had been neutered years ago!

I never heard from her again.  Farfel lived a happy life until his heart condition made things too difficult.

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