If you own a smooth coated Brussels Griffon your grooming will be considerably less than with a rough coat.


Smooth-Coated Brussels Griffon Grooming Tips

  • Give your Smooth-Coated Brussels Griffon an occasional bath
  • Regularly brush with a bristle brush, which also tones the dog’s skin.  Use a soft brush in between to keep coat dust free.
  • Neatly trim any strands of loose hair around the anus and tail.
  • Keep your dog’s eyes, ears and face thoroughly clean.
  • Trim nails regularly.
  • A smooth Brussels Griffon generally sheds his coat twice per year, at which time use a comb to remove dead hair.


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Rough-Coated Brussels Griffon Grooming Tips – Hand stripping

  • For the puppy:A Griffon puppy will be ready to have his first light trim at about three or four months old. Coats vary and some Griffon puppies have rather a soft puppy coat that is more difficult to take out and will take even more patience on the puppy’s part! The soft hair needs to be removed to encourage coarser hair to grow in its place.
  • When stripping a coat, begin by thoroughly combing the dog’s coat.  .  It is better to strip before bathing.  Clean hair is very slippery and hard to get a good grip to pull.  
  • Always pull in the direction of coat growth, and pull only at the hair, not at the skin. Provided that your Brussels Griffon’s coat is ready to be stripped, this is not as uncomfortable for the dog as it sounds. The hairs come out easily and the dog feels no pain at all.
  • Stripping order: The back, followed by neck and head, then chest and hindquarters.
  • The tail is usually one of the final parts of the dog to be stripped. Trim some of the longer hairs with scissors, because this can be somewhat sensitive, especially around the base of the tail; indeed much more sensitive than on legs and body where hair is easy to strip out.

Rough-Coated Brussels Griffon Grooming Tips – Pet Clipping

  • Brush, comb and card your Griffy thoroughly.
  • Rough clip with a #5 blade, shave inside and outside of ear with a #15 blade.  Also, carefully shave underbelly and under pads of feet.
  • Scissor ear flaps, eye creases, under tail and around anus.
  • Bathe, blow dry, brush and card again to remove as much loose hair as possible.
  • Clip again to smooth rough ends.  Touch up and scissoring so everything is even.
  • Maintain the look by carding frequently

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