Hand Stripping

Before you can begin to learn to hand strip or trim a terrier, it is best to get an understanding of how hair grows and its life-cycle.

Canine skin and hair


  • Clippers
  • Wire brush
  • Metal comb

stripping knives
Stripping Knives

shedding rakes
Undercoat rakes

Thinning shears (1 cutting edge)
Thinning shears (1 cutting edge)

blunttipped shears
Blunt tip shears

Finger cots
Finger cots

Grooming chalk
Grooming chalk

Stripping knives come in course, medium and fine.  It is best if you start with course, then switch to medium, then fine to get the most undercoat and dead hair out.  The Mcclelland knives below are my favorites, they are very hard to find, but they are the only ones I’ve ever found to come in a “lefty” version. (ckick picture to enlarge)

Mcclelland Stripping knives

Undercoat rakes also come in different grades of coarseness.  Use them sparingly, limited to a dense, overgrown coat.  They will cut the topcoat if overused.

Finger cots and chalk are helpful when finger plucking dead topcoat.  Provides a good grip, when you grab a few hairs at a time they come out almost effortlessly.


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