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Puppy Mills

Puppy Mills is a label used loosely to name a group of breeding facilities.  It includes Amish operations, “reputable” show breeders who have a behind the scenes operation to mass produce puppies, some large multi breed kennels, and amateur “backyard” breeders out to make a buck.

Some of these may be better than others but none are good.  The worst are a living hell, more for the parents of litter after litter with little care.  All are guilty the following to a greater or lesser degree:

  • Inadequate housing-some are only allotted a small crate they cant even stand in.
  •  Unsanitary conditions
  • No heat or ventilation for hot weather
  • lack of fresh water
  • little or no medical care
  • no genetic screening or care to prevent congenital problems
  • minimal care and immunizations for puppies before sale
  • lack of socialization

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